Workplace Psychological Assessment

Mental health problems and emotional distress are common causes of workplace difficulties such as frequent or long-term work absences and poor performance. Understandably such issues can be challenging for employers to negotiate. Here at Aberdeenshire Clinical Psychology we provide a comprehensive psychological service to employers and organisations seeking advice, support and psychological input for their employees. A psychological assessment and report compiled by a fully qualified and accredited Clinical Psychologist can provide employers with a greater depth of understanding of their employees’ difficulties, advice regarding management and treatment options.  We have experience of providing comprehensive workplace psychological assessments.

Typical referrals include:

  • Advice regarding reasonable workplace adjustments in relation to psychological difficulties
  • Psychological reasons for prolonged or frequent work absences
  • Prognosis for recovery following mental health problems
  • Recommendations regarding adjustment of factors contributing to work-related stress
  • Psychological opinion on fitness to return to work following extended sick leave
  • Assessment of potential therapeutic treatment options

At Aberdeenshire Clinical Psychology we understand the varying needs of employers so we offer both brief and comprehensive options. Brief psychological reports are normally based on a single 90 minute assessment with an employee, while comprehensive psychological reports may require several employee interviews along with review of occupational health and medical records. If you are unsure which option is required please contact us outlining your specific requirements and we will provide you with a detailed quotation regarding costs and timescales. The depth and nature of the psychological report is tailored to the needs of the employer with terms and conditions agreed prior to the work commencing. This service is charged at an hourly rate. Please see the Fees section for details.