Referrals & Appointments

We accept referrals from health and medical professionals, health insurers, organisations, businesses, voluntary agencies and solicitors. We also accept self-referrals from individuals age 18+. Contact us by telephone or email using the details provided for more information.

Therapeutic referrals will be offered an initial assessment appointment which will aim to clarify problems, understand how these developed and discuss treatment options.  Each appointment lasts approximately 55 minutes with frequency normally being weekly or fortnightly.

Solicitors and employers seeking psychological assessment and reports should contact the practice directly to discuss their needs. Workplace psychological assessments and medico-legal referrals will normally be offered an initial 90 minute assessment session, although in some circumstances further sessions may be required. We aim to arrange assessment within two weeks of an accepted referral and complete reports within one month. This is subject to client availability, case complexity and volume of medical and/or occupational health records. All deadlines will be agreed prior to commencement of the work.