Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation

We provide specialist neuropsychological assessment for adults who have experienced an acquired brain injury (e.g. traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumour etc) or have a neurological condition (e.g, MS, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease etc).

Neuropsychological assessment provides a profile of an individual’s cognitive (e.g. memory, attention), psychological (e.g. anxiety, depression, PTSD) and behavioral strengths and difficulties following a brain injury or neurological condition.

Individually tailored neuropsychological rehabilitation involves developing ways to maximise areas of strength, working to compensate for difficulties and adjusting to changes following acquired brain injury or neurological disorder. Psychological therapy for clients experiencing emotional difficulties relating to their condition (adjusted for any cognitive impairment) and education for families is also offered.

We also provide medico-legal and occupational health reports for clients with acquired brain injury or neurological conditions.